McGrath Clambakes is one of the few companies that still prepare a clambake using the traditional cooking process passed down from early New England Colonists. This process begins early in the day when crews are sent out to pick fresh “rockweed” off the local coast.


“If you’re going to do a clambake, let McGrath’s do it.” – David

A bonfire is built at the event site with alternating layers of wood and rock. The fire heats the rocks to very high temperatures. Well tended, the fire will settle down to a bed of hot coals and rocks which provide the heat needed to bake the food.

This base of rocks and coals are then covered with mounds of rockweed. The bubbles in the rockweed burst when heated, emitting seawater that steams and seasons the food. Racks of food are nestled into the rockweed.

The food is artfully layered in a manner that ensures perfect cooking times and a wonderful balance of flavoring. The food is then covered with multiple layers of canvas and left to bake. After cooking, the layers of canvas are then peeled back, a billowing cloud of steam rises, and the perfect summer meal is revealed!

Sample Menus
“An impressive, spectacular unveiling of the bake entertained and delighted our guests.” 
– Lisa